Real World AI: A Practical Guide for Responsible Machine Learning

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How can you successfully deploy AI?

When AI works, it's nothing short of brilliant, helping companies make or save tremendous amounts of money while delighting customers on an unprecedented scale. When it fails, the results can be devastating.

Most AI models never make it out of testing, but those failures aren't random. This practical guide to deploying AI lays out a human-first, responsible approach that has seen more than three times the success rate when compared to the industry average.

In Real World AI, Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger and Wilson Pang share dozens of AI stories from startups and global enterprises alike featuring personal experiences from people who have worked on global AI deployments that impact billions of people every day.

AI for business doesn't have to be overwhelming. Real World AI uses plain language to walk you through an AI approach that you can feel confident about-for your business and for your customers.

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