Tableau 10 for Beginners: Step by Step guide to developing visualizations in Tableau 10

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3Tableau 10 provides more power to the developer and business user in the world of Data Analytics. This book covers Tableau 10 concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. It provides ample exercises.
Sample workbooks are available on Tableau public for download. Dataset and workbooks can also be downloaded from Visit Book resource tab on the main navigation.
New in this book:
1.Sample workbooks available on Tableau public
2.Tableau concepts as per version 10.1
3.Types of Files in Tableau
4.Analytics pane
5.Explanation of Discrete and Continuous concept
6.How dates work in Tableau
7.Nested Sort
8.New chapter on Formatting
9.New visualizations/Charts
10.Creating custom color palettes
11.Creating custom territories in Maps
12.New Chapter on Server Deployment
New in Tableau 10 Desktop
1.Enhanced look and feel of Tableau desktop.
2.Cross-table joins. See Chapter 2-Connecting to data source.
3.Clustering. See Chapter 11 - Visualization.
4.Building custom territory in Maps. See Chapter 10.Creating Maps.
5.New highlighter feature. See Chapter 9 - Formatting.
6.Device preview for dashboards. See Chapter 12 - Dashboards and Visual Story.
Who needs this book?
This book provides all the Tableau concepts according to Tableau version 10. It also contains overview of deploying objects on the server. This book is good for anyone starting career in Tableau. The book starts with basic data-warehousing concepts and covers all the concepts in-depth. This book is also useful for experienced Tableau developers who want to explore additional charts and functionalities. This book should work as a guide and encouragement for further exploration.
Get data and Sample Workbooks
The book comes with 20+ sample workbooks. All workbooks are present on Tableau Public. See the link at the beginning of the exercises. Sample workbooks and data files can also be downloaded from http: // Look for the Book Resource tab on the main navigation.
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