Mastering Excel: Power Query

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7Import data from text files, other Excel files, databases, web pages, Facebook, even entire folders of files using Power Query.Excel is the most accessible program for data analysis. Power Query (also known as Get & Transform) takes that one step further. The first step of any data analysis project is importing the data. Related to that, you must clean and standardize the data (aka ETL: Extract, Transform and Load)Power Query has all that covered. You will learn to set up Power Query for connecting Excel to all kinds of data sources, performing hundreds of ETL tasks and loading clean data into your worksheet. Power Query can extract data from columns, join columns, remove duplicates, skip errors, join tables, the list is almost endless.Additionally, Power Query is set up to remember all the steps you performed and it will redo them with a single click of a button.Learn to use Power Query and save yourself hours of work.
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