The Tcl Programming Language: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Tcl Programming Language is a comprehensive guide to the current version (8.6) of this immensely flexible and versatile language. Starting with the basic features, it expands its scope to include the more advanced concepts, facilities and programming idioms from which the language derives its power.

  • Begin with the basics of Tcl syntax and commands for operating on data.
  • Get acquainted with the flexible and uniform execution model that enables metaprogramming, custom control structures etc.
  • Learn to modularize your code with namespaces, object-oriented design and packages.
  • See how intrinsic support for Unicode and encodings makes it a breeze to localize your applications.
  • Become conversant with the integrated event loop and how it facilitates efficient asynchronous I/O models and the reactive style of programming.
  • Delve into Tcl's sophisticated I/O framework and write your own reflected channels, transforms and virtual file systems.
  • Understand the built-in facilities for inter-process communication using pipes or the network.
  • See how concurrent programming facilities like coroutines and threads can simplify your code and make it more performant.
  • Learn how to secure your application through the use of safe interpreters for sandboxing.
  • Interact with databases through the Tcl Database Connectivity interface.
  • Discover how software distribution and installation headaches are eliminated with starkits and single file deployment.

The breadth of coverage and numerous examples will familiarize newcomers to every aspect of Tcl programming. At the same time, the depth and level of detail, and an exhaustive index, make The Tcl Programming Language a valuable reference in every Tcl programmer's library.

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