Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel: Overcoming Crap Data and Excel Skirmishes

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3Bill Jelen, MrExcel and Oz du Soleil of Excel on Fire, two of the leading Excel channels on YouTube, joined forces to write a unique book to help you get the most from Excel and combat bad data. Guerrilla Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel: Excel Skirmishes and Conquering Crap Data Third Ed. goes beyond Excel tips & tricks and includes real world warnings and case studies. When asked about the motivation for this book, Oz replied: "this is for the person who's been thrown into the fire with Excel and data. They may not have a background for this work but they still have to perform because the world doesn't wait for you to graduate from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced. No. You have to perform and deliver." In other words, GDA3 is a survival guide whether you're new to Excel or a longtime professional who needs a reference guide. The book is light and quick, giving you bite-sized lessons, but going deep on critical topics like pivot tables and Power Query.
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