Testing JavaScript Applications

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7Testing JavaScript Applications teaches you how to implement an automated testing plan for JavaScript-based web applications.

Automated testing will help you write high-quality software in less time, with more confidence, fewer bugs, and without constant manual oversight. Testing JavaScript Applications is a guide to building a comprehensive and reliable JS application testing suite, covering both how to write tests and how JS testing tools work under the hood. You'll learn from Lucas de Costa, a core contributor to popular JS testing libraries, as he shares a quality mindset for making testing decisions that deliver a real contribution to your business. You'll benefit from informative explanations and diagrams, easily-transferable code samples, and useful tips on using the latest and most consolidated libraries and frameworks of the JavaScript ecosystem.

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About the technology
Automated testing is essential to delivering good JavaScript applications every time. A complete testing strategy needs to cover functions in isolation, integration between different parts of your code, and correctness from the end user's perspective. This book will teach you how to deliver reliable software quickly and confidently.

About the book
Testing JavaScript Applications teaches you how to implement an automated testing plan for JavaScript-based web applications. It describes practical testing strategies, covers useful tools and libraries, and explains how to foster a culture of quality. In this clearly-written, example-rich book, you'll explore approaches for both backend and frontend applications and learn how to validate your software much more quickly and reliably.

What's inside

Unit, end-to-end, and integration testing
Managing test cost and complexity
Practicing test-driven development
Dealing with external dependencies
Tools like like Jest and Cypress

About the reader
For junior JavaScript developers.

About the author
Lucas da Costa is a core maintainer of Chai and Sinon.JS, two of the most popular testing tools in the JavaScript ecosystem, and contributed to numerous other open-source projects, including Jest.

Table of Contents


1 An introduction to automated testing

2 What to test and when?


3 Testing techniques

4 Testing backend applications

5 Advanced backend testing techniques

6 Testing frontend applications

7 The React testing ecosystem

8 Testing React applications

9 Test-driven development

10 UI-based end-to-end testing

11 Writing UI-based end-to-end tests


12 Continuous integration and continuous delivery

13 A culture of quality

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