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From starting a company and staying motivated, through designing, building, and launching your first product and beyond.

You're a developer and you're looking to start a business. I was like that once. Starting a business takes a lot more than knowing how to write good code, and as I've learned, starting a software business involves just as much business acumen as it does software development.

I've been releasing software independently for years and I've had a day-job for the vast majority of that time. I've shipped my own software while working at a start-up, in academia, and in government. I've had my fair share of missteps and failures and achieved some modicum of success. This book is a review of my journey thus far and a collection of the lessons I've learned.

Independent software developers come in all shapes and sizes. Together, these developers form the core of the software community. Some indie developers ship software as a hobby, and others do so full-time, but they have one thing in common: they strive to create, to push boundaries, and to build a better world. Are you ready to join them?

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