Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes (Second Edition): Make a bigger impact with your documents and master the writing, formatting, and collaboration tools in

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How good are your Microsoft Word skills? In 30 minutes, author Angela Rose will show you how to become a power user of Word 2019 for Windows and macOS. Even if you have used MS Word in the past, this guide will demonstrate tools and time-saving tips that will help you make a bigger impact when writing letters, reports, essays, resumes, manuscripts, and other documents. Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes (Second Edition) also covers Word Online, Microsoft's free (but limited) online alternative.

What's inside:

  • MS Word interface basics, from Backstage View to the Ribbon
  • Office 365 subscriptions and OneDrive
  • Microsoft Word display options for individual documents
  • How to work with multiple windows in Microsoft Word
  • Using .docx, .doc, .txt, PDF, and other file formats in Word 2019 and Word Online
  • Locating recovered files after a crash
  • Printing documents, envelopes, and labels from MS Word
  • How to format text using the Word toolbar
  • How to format Word documents using styles, themes, and style sets
  • Creating Word documents with professional-quality templates
  • How to create tables and charts in Microsoft Word
  • Adding images, video, and hyperlinks to a .docx file
  • How to automatically create a table of contents in Microsoft Word
  • Adding footnotes, endnotes, citations, a bibliography, and an index to MS Word
  • Word 2019 and Word Online spelling, tracking, and review tools
  • Collaboration features in Word, from comments to live collaboration
  • How to protect your Word document

There are lots of examples, screenshots, and offbeat anecdotes from the author. Whether you are new to MS Word, or want to familiarize yourself with the new features and interface of Word 2019 compared to older versions (Word 2013, Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2003, etc.), Microsoft Word In 30 Minutes (Second Edition) is a great guide.

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