Good Listen: Creating Memorable Conversations in Business and Life

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They say talk is cheap-but podcasting is currently a billion-dollar business. Now Joe Pardavila reveals how you can create the kind of conversations that draw both audiences and applause. Drawing on his many years as a radio host on a top-rated radio show in the New York City area, Joe shares a bevy of illuminating anecdotes featuring such superstars as Taylor Swift, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, and Chris Martin that demonstrate how the right communication skills can create magic moments-while the wrong ones can derail an entire conversation. He'll also show you how learning comedy improv techniques actually aids interviews. And, by the way, what you'll learn in Good Listen doesn't just apply to podcasting. Joe's mastery of "talking the talk" can work wonders in your personal life as well. If your everyday interactions aren't sparking your relationships, you'll discover how to not only find common ground with others but also create bonding opportunities that can carry you far in work, love, and life

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