Docker: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Learn Docker Step-By-Step

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0Do you want to easily create, deploy and run apps using containers?

Do you want to collaborate seamlessly on your app's operating system with a team?

This book will show how Docker could be the answer for you!

Docker is the perfect tool that was designed specifically to make it easier for you to create, deploy and run applications by using containers which allow developers to package an application with all of the parts required. It provides a lightweight environment to run codes and is perfect as a version control system for your entire app's operating system.

Now, with Docker: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Learn Docker Step-By-Step, you can learn more about this versatile system and what it can do for you, helping to:

    Realize a greater return on investmentBuild a container image and use it across every step of the deployment processUse it in a wide variety of environmentsReduce deployment to secondsEnsure your applications and resources are isolated and segregatedHave complete control over traffic flow and managementAnd more...

Docker has fast become one of the go-to systems for those who want to automate the deployment of applications inside software containers and its versatility and ease of use functions make it perfect for beginners who want to learn more.

Get a copy of Docker: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Learn Docker Step-By-Step now and see what it could do for you!

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