Linux: The Ultimate Crash Course to Learn Linux, System Administration, Network Security, and Cloud Computing with Examples a

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9Do you need a high security and stable open source operating system?

Do you want to be able to alter source codes according to your needs?

Linux may be what you have been looking for

If you previously thought that Linux was just for pros and geeks, then maybe it's time you took another look at one of the most popular open source operating systems around. Gone are the days that Linux was no use for gamers or other users. Now it is an all-inclusive system that really delivers, and you will want to get the best from it.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then Linux is a practical guide, complete with exercises, that is the solution you have been searching for. It will provide you with detailed, in-depth knowledge to getting started and making the most of it, with chapters that cover things like:

    How to quickly install and set up your systemMaking the most of the desktopWhat you will get from the utilitiesAn overview of the system administrationWhat security features there areHow Linux works with the CloudAnd more...
Intended for anyone who wants to go deeper into their understanding of Linux, this is a book that is ideal for advanced users and as it is not a difficult concept to get used to, once you have been using it for a short period of time you'll begin to wonder how you got along without it.

With wide ranging benefits from freedom of use through to the ability to revive older operating systems, Linux is an innovative concept that you will love.

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