RASPBERRY Pi 4 BEGINNER'S GUIDE: The Complete User Manual For Beginners to Set up Innovative Projects on Raspberry Pi 4 (2020 Edition)

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2A Complete Guide for Beginners to The Raspberry Pi 4

Having the passion by colleagues at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory to design inexpensive computers aimed at bringing back the good old days where kids could be seen using a computer for programming and games. The continuous rise in the price of computers and games consoles featured on the BBC Micro, consequence upon applicants for computer studies courses showing no sign of computer skills after graduation.The Book aims to show applicants of computers studies the essential tenet of computing, programming, games, the basic requirements needed to operate a PC. It is also the aim of this book to offer the user the opportunity to learn different types of the Operating system, how to gather the peripherals, and install the Programs on the PC, the lowest priced computer hardware in the world today. To attract a larger market, the manufacturers took into consideration the target market (students) to design a credit-card-sized Motherboard and option to choose the Software suitable to the user requirement.
Summarily, readers will learn:
  • What is Raspberry Pi?
  • The Raspberry Pi 4 - what is new?
  • Technical specifications
  • Setting up your Raspberry Pi 4
  • Setting up the SD card
  • Download Raspbian OS via NOOBS
  • Steps to download and transfer NOOBS to the micro-SD card
  • Booting the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Connecting your Pi 4 to a network
  • Choosing an operating system
  • Installing the Operating System (OS)
  • How to install an OS
  • Discover the best apps for Raspberry Pi
  • Install and use packages
  • Features of Raspberry Pi 4
  • Practical Applications of the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Projects with the New Pi 4
  • Powering the BoardProgramming for beginners
  • Introducing the Scratch 2 interface
  • Python programming
  • Using Raspberry Pi 4
  • Surfing the web with Raspberry Pi 4
  • Using Raspberry Pi 4 as a media center
  • Running Raspberry Pi 4 on Windows 10
  • Raspberry Pi 4 running on windows 10 desktop apps
  • Roadmap for Ubuntu official support for the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Getting help with the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Keeping the Raspberry Pi 4 up-dated
  • And many more....
All these and many more have been revealed in this book content.

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