Encountering Technology: The Tech Evolution I Have Seen

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4Technology has changed the world. Most of us love technology. It has evolved. It has become more complex. We now carry a combined computer, telephone and camera in the form of a smartphone. It's hard to believe that a smartphone contains, in addition to other technology, billions of transistors.

In this fascinating book the author, George Gerstman, shares his story of technology that he has seen evolve over his lifetime. Encountering Technology takes you from the 1940s to the present, with photographs showing much of the technology that Gerstman used and enjoyed. The book includes scores of examples of the technology, such as digital computers that Gerstman programmed during the 1950s which weighed tons and weren't nearly as powerful as the computer in an iPhone, radios that he listened to before television became popular, the advent of video games, the evolution of the Internet, film cameras that he used before digital cameras were invented, and so much more. Gerstman describes how he personally encountered the digital revolution.

Encountering Technology directs you through the most popular technology of the past 80 years. The book is a must-read for everyone with any interest in television, telephones, radios, computers, cameras, the Internet, watches, video, or other technology. Using photographs and clear narrative, Gerstman describes engrossing aspects of the technical devices. His background in electrical engineering and patent law, as well as being a consumer, has given him insights that are certain to inform and excite the reader.