Linux for Beginners: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Learn Linux Operating System and Master Linux Command Line. Contains Self-Evalu

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0Are you looking for a complete guide which enables you to use Linux and manage shell Linux like a pro? Are you struggling to navigate among all the Linux distributions out there and finding hard to define the best one for your needs? Do you want to evaluate your learning level step by step?

Linux is without doubt the most powerful operating system in the world. Yes, you may think Windows and macOS are powerful operating systems owing to the fact that they control much of the PC market but I have some stats that will change your perspective:

As of 2021

  • 100% of the world's supercomputers run on Linux

  • 23 of the top 25 websites in the world run on Linux

  • 96.3% of the world's top 1 million servers run on Linux

  • 90% of the world's cloud infrastructure operates on Linux

  • All the best cloud hosts run on Linux

I believe you now appreciate just how Linux is not really given as much credit for running the world behind the scenes and have even greater motivation to learn it.
The book discusses the ins and outs of Linux in a beginner friendly style to make your learning process frustration free, as the book does not assume you know anything about Linux.

More precisely, this book will teach you:

  • The basics, including what an operating system is, what Linux is, how it has evolved over the years, how Linux works, the architecture of Linux, files hierarchy in Linux as well as the system architecture in Linux

  • Benefits of using Linux as an operating system

  • Linux distributions, including how to choose a distribution from the different distributions available, depending on your unique needs

  • How to use Linux text editors

  • How to install Linux on Virtual Machines on Windows 10

  • How to install Linux on Virtual Machines on MacOS

  • The concept of shells in linux, including what is a shell, how to gain access to the shell, the different types of shell, shell scripting along with basic command line editing

  • How to unleash the full power of different commands in Linux to maximize your user experience

  • How to set up access levels and assign users different privileges in Linux, including the different types of users in Linux and more

  • How to make the most use of Linux for network administration

  • Some great Linux alternatives to some of the popular Windows applications

  • And much more

Even if you've never used Linux before but want to learn it, to add it to your skillset and possibly start using it for networking, programming or even just simple web browsing, you will find this book helpful.
Lucky for you, the book takes an easy to follow, beginner friendly approach to introduce you everything, beginner or advanced, to ensure you start applying what you learn right away.

PS: To help you learn even faster, there is a quiz at the end of every chapter along with answers shortly after to help you test your understanding of the concepts you will have learned in that chapter.

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