Hacking: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learn the Basics of Hacking with Kali Linux and How to Protect yourself from Hackers

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9Learn the skills of a pentester and dedicate yourself to ethical hacking.Kali is a Linux distribution that contains hundreds of tools for pentesting (security audit with intrusion test), a fundamental part of ethical hacking.Penetration tests correspond to proactive security audits in which the auditor analyzes the security of a system by checking if the system is vulnerable. To do this, after signing the respective contracts and authorizations, the auditor attacks the network infrastructure and servers to validate if they are vulnerable to specific attacks known to the security community.This is an introductory book from scratch to learn the mechanics of pentesting and ethical hacking without getting into trouble and to learn step by step how to use Kali Linux in pentesting.Learn to: Install the Kali distribution, in different modes.Perform a vulnerability analysis with Kali tools.Attack passwords.Audit and attack Wifi networks.Audit and attack Web applications.Audit and attack systems with Metasploit.This book presents an eminently practical approach, prioritizing the reproducible scenarios by the reader, and teaching the use of tools most used in the world of computer auditing. Kali Linux's mission is to continue making BackTrack, and as can be seen in this book, it still has reasons to achieve it.In the different chapters, the different facets with which Kali Linux can help audit information systems are studied. You will broaden your understanding of information collection, vulnerability analysis, and exploitation of these are branches of computer security that Kali Linux offers. In addition, both theoretical and practical aspects are included for the web, wireless and network auditing. Finally, it emphasizes the forensic analysis guided by Kali Linux with which you can visualize and study interesting cases.Whether you're curious or looking for a career as a professional hacker, this the book for you. Click the Buy Now button to get started.
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