The Ultimate AWS(R) Certified Cloud Practitioner Training Manual: Includes 30+ videos and 400 Qs to get you certified !!

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6Aligned with the latest AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Guide * 2019Latest Feedback: Chris Franco (Army Veteran)State of Washington, Executive Services"I completed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course from iCertify Training shortly after transitioning out of the Army and got AWS Cloud certified. It helped me quickly integrate into my organization and serve as an asset in our pursuit of providing the best service possible for our customers and citizens.The AWS certification was a great way to learn the tools and techniques that are being applied in the most competitive industries around the globe. It helped me to rapidly serve as an asset to my organization ."Deborah Ecaruan, Manager "Training from iCertify NYC - books, videos and practice tests provided me with many useful hints and tips to get the AWS Cloud practitioner certified "Katie V, Healthcare - New York"The AWS(R) training Capsule consisting of all visual elaborates, presentations, vocabularies and practical exercises is very informative, useful and practical. It is very effective for a person new to Cloud. I was able to pass the certification on my first attempt because of the training."The fundamental-level course is intended for individuals who seek an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. This course also helps you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.Intended AudienceThis course is intended for: SalesLegalMarketingBusiness analystsProject managersAWS Academy studentsOther IT-related professionalsCourse ObjectivesIn this course, you will learn how to: Define what the cloud is and how it worksDifferentiate between cloud computing and deployment modelsDescribe the AWS Cloud value propositionDescribe the basic global infrastructure of the cloudCompare the different methods of interacting with AWSDescribe and differentiate between AWS service domainsDescribe the Well-Architected FrameworkDescribe basic AWS Cloud architectural principlesExplain the Shared Responsibility modelDescribe security services with the AWS cloudDefine the billing, account management, and pricing models for the AWS platformPrerequisitesWe recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites: General IT technical knowledgeGeneral IT business knowledgeCourse OutlineThis course covers the following concepts: Cloud Concepts IntroductionAWS Core ServicesAWS Enhanced ServicesAWS ArchitectingSecurityPricing and Suppo
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