YouTube for Real Estate Agents: Learn how to get free real estate leads and never cold call again

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Can YouTube marketing really bring you business?

Let's talk about real estate video marketing. In my opinion, YouTube is one of the BEST real estate marketing tools out there.

Cold calling sucks. Let's be honest - you don't like receiving unsolicited sales calls any more than I do... and neither do our potential buyers and sellers.

Door knocking sucks too. I don't want to open my door for strangers these days purely for safety reasons. Nor do I want to be subjected to a sales pitch for something I didn't want or need before I opened the door. So why are we shocked that our prospects feel the same way?

What if I told you that it was actually quite easy to learn how to get free real estate leads? Your YouTube channel isn't just for branding anymore! If you want to learn how to get real estate clients easily and without dropping a bundle of money on ads, then YouTube for Real Estate Agents is for you!

On YouTube you get to promote your personality and your expertise, not just your listings, in a way that makes prospects excited and eager to work with exclusively with you. Sounds amazing, right?

In YouTube for Real Estate Agents you'll learn why YouTube is the best free advertising you will ever find. I know, because I get about 70% of my business from my YouTube channel. I went from being brand new in my market after relocating cross country, to hiring a team of agents in only two years.

Did I mention YouTube is free?

In this book, we will give your YouTube channel a makeover. YouTube will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other agents in your market. In only seven days you'll understand how to use YouTube to get new clients that are begging to work with you, without having to spend any money on ads. You'll learn:

  • What your channel art MUST have in order to get subscribers
  • The #1 SECRET to attracting new clients like a magnet
  • The reason most agents get few views and even fewer subscribers
  • Why most videos will NEVER get you a new client - and how to fix that!

Whether you're a newly licensed agent or have been in the business 20 years, if you are willing to be on camera you can start getting tons of free real estate leads from YouTube.

YouTube for Real Estate Agents will teach you how to set up your YouTube channel to be a lean, mean, lead gen machine!

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