My Password Notebook: Internet Password Logbook Organizer with Tabs 5x8 Small

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This is the perfect book to keep all your password information together and secure.

Alphabetized for quick retrieval, 4 pages per letter. Each page has slots for 4 websites and includes lines for site name & details, your username, password, and a few lines for notes

Never Forget a Password - Keep all your Passwords in One Place. Logbook To Protect Usernames, Internet Websites and Passwords: Password and Username Keeper

The Book Contains:

  • Perfectly sized at 5" x 8"
  • Making it easy for you to keep organized
  • Website, User name, Password and notes features
  • Designer Book perfect for gifts
  • Great for home, school or office

Internet Password Log Books are great for:

  • Getting your online accounts organized and KEEPING them that way
  • Bill payment, social media & online accounts
  • Home and office use, personal or professional account tracking
  • Recording notes under each entry about account info or recent experiences
  • Keeping all of your secure info in one easily-secured location

This password log book is the perfect solution for you.

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