Cyber Security: This Book Includes: Hacking with Kali Linux, Ethical Hacking. Learn How to Manage Cyber Risks Using Defense Strategies

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How do I secure my computer? What is malware and how do I get rid of it? Do I only need to worry about Phishing attacks via email? What if my personal email account, bank account, or other accounts were compromised? Sounds familiar? Keep reading...

Cybersecurity has changed significantly in the past decade, we've moved away from the days when basic virus protection and security controls were sufficient to deter threats, to the need for advanced security analytics tools to prevent advanced persistent threats (APTs) and tackle malicious insiders.

This book includes:

Hacking with Kali Linux: A Beginner's Guide to Learn Penetration Testing to Protect Your Family and Business from Cyber Attacks Building a Home Security System for Wireless Network Security

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn with this book:

  • What is hacking
  • The importance of cybersecurity
  • How malware and cyber-attacks operate
  • How to install Kali Linux on a virtual box
  • How to scan networks
  • VPNs & Firewalls
  • An introduction to Digital Signatures and Cryptography
  • and much more...

Ethical Hacking: A Beginner's Guide to Computer and Wireless Networks Defense Strategies, Penetration Testing and Information Security Risk Assessment

Throughout these pages, you will learn:

  • Roles and responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker
  • Hacking as a career
  • Making money freelance
  • Most common security tools
  • The three ways to scan your system
  • The seven proven penetration testing strategies
  • and much more...

Even if you aren't a security expert, there are a few basic steps you can take to secure your computer.

Arm yourself with all this knowledge!

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