iPhone 11 User Guide for Seniors: The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Manual with Tips & Tricks to Master and Unlock the iPhone 11 Device

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3New Comprehensive Manual with Illustrations to master the iPhone 11 Smartphone Do you own the iPhone 11 smartphone? Or you're considering getting the new iPhone 11? Or you're searching for the latest and up to date guide on iPhone 11 device? Then this guide is for you. This book will walk you through all the basic and advanced features of the iPhone 11 and how to operate the device like a Pro. Learn about all the features of the iPhone 11 with easy step by step guide and illustrations to help you master the brand new iPhone 11 device not just like the random users but with some degree of uniqueness and satisfaction to enhance productivity. This is the ultimate manual to drive your iPhone 11 experience to a higher level. Here is a preview of what you'll learn:
  • About iPhone 11
  • How to install iOS 13.1 update
  • How to Set up iPhone 11
  • How to Use iCloud & Quick Start to Transfer and Restore iPhone Data
  • How to Create a New Apple ID
  • How to Set Up Apple Pay
  • How to Use a Wireless or USB Mouse on iPhone 11
  • How to Display Preview on Lock Screen
  • How to Use the New Text Format Gesture
  • How to Use the New Camera App
  • About "Capture Outside the Frame" feature
  • How to Enable Dark Mode
  • How to Set Up CarPlay
  • Receive Notification When Sending Message via Reminder App
  • Filter Unknown Calls and Messages
  • How to Block Email Senders
  • How to Use Apple's Measure App
  • Set Phone to Erase After Several Attempts
  • Share Photos With or Without Location Information
  • Remove App Size Limitations on Cellular Data
  • How to Take Long Screenshots of Websites
  • Save and Share Webpage as a PDF
  • Add Widget to Display the Battery Level as a Percentage
  • How to use cycle tracking and fertility prediction in the health app
  • How to Record 4K Selfie with iPhone 11
  • How to edit your photos and videos without using iMovie
  • Use 'Look Around' to Navigate High-Resolution Street Views of Cities
  • Generate Lists of Locations Using Collections in Apple Map
  • How to use the new Memoji/Animoji stickers and features
  • How to Set the Screen Time
  • Turn On One-Handed Mode
  • Using the New Find My App
  • How to Enable Offline Finding via Find My App
  • Set a Custom Name and Profile Picture via iMessage
  • How to Pair DualShock 4/Xbox One S controller
  • How to Scan Documents from the Files App
  • How to Enable Content Blockers in Safari
  • Set Up Emergency Medical ID
  • And lots more.
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