Samsung Galaxy A50 and A70 User Guide for Older Adults: A Newbie to Expert Guide with Tips and Tricks to Master your New Samsung Galaxy A50 and A70 in

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6The Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70 is one of Samsung's new flagship phone that's not lacking in innovation or ambition.This detailed book will help you get the maximum bang for your Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70 device. You'll see how to quickly set up your device, navigate the touch-screen and customize your home screen, customize the notification Panel, customize your camera settings, and browse with the world's first phone with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built.These tips and tricks will help you maximize the ownership of your smartphone.You will learn about the best settings you need to change on your brand new Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70 to make it better.You'll learn how to: - Customize bixby routines in Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70- Enable smart things in Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70- Force close apps in Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70- Digital wellbeing in Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70- Using the secure folder in A50 & A70- Split screen apps in Samsung Galaxy A50 & A70- Dual messenger- Take ultra wide photos- How to use AR emoji- Scene optimizerHow to customize Home Screen.-How to transfer Data from old device.-Samsung Accounts-How to efficiently use the navigation Settings.-How to use Dual messenger.-How to Customize the notification settings.-How to Take ultra wide photos-How to troubleshoot common problems-Preventing calls from taking up entire Screen.-Setting up Biometrics, Irises and Passcodes for Security.-Set up Night Mode.-Set up Edge Lighting.-Multipack Wallpaper Option.-Multitasking on Split Screen.-Taking advantage of Video & Sound Enhancer.-One-Handed ModeAnd So Much More.**Scroll to the top of the page to get your guide now click now **
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