Apple iPad 7th Generation User Manual: Complete User Guide to Master your iPad Like a Pro

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8>A Simplified Guide to Mastering your iPadCongratulations on purchasing the new iPad 7th Generation which is an upgrade on the 2018 iPad model with bigger display.This iPad is built with iOS 13 and was released September 24th 2019. A lot of improvement will be observed in this iPad version. Aside improved multitasking, it also comes compatible with the iPad Pencil.This guide will be of benefit to beginners and users of older versions as some features may come across as strange or overwhelming. This guide serves to simplify your iPad usage. Some things you will learn from this book includes: -How to share music over Airpods-How to make use of the Apple Pencil-Using Siri simplified-How to set app limit-How to use Apple Map-How to swipe type-Latest keyboard commandsAnd so much more...Buy now and get all these amazing benefits
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