Digital Minimalism: Discover How to Clear the Clutter So You Can Regain Your Focus, Passions and Live Life Again

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3"Decluttering your digital life and finding peace and calmness"Do you often find yourself with racing thoughts, trouble focusing on one task and always checking your emails, texts and Facebook messages, as if you may miss out on something?Do you feel like your personal happiness is decreasing with time because of all the digital overhead and tech clutter that seems absolutely necessary to have?Do you wonder what it would be like to be able to get back to a time when you really could focus on what you REALLY want to do, your passions, hobbies and being in the present moment?Look at it from another perspective - when you're out with your partner or a close friend, do you become annoyed at them because they always seem to be on their phone? You've come out to eat a meal together and spend quality time, but he or she is messaging someone far away, or checking the latest news online, perhaps scrolling through Instagram. This is such a very common occurrence these days. We lose sight of the relationships or events which are right in front of us, because we're too busy living in a digital world, one that doesn't actually exist. We don't see the beauty of the things around us because we're too busy staring at a small piece of plastic which connects us to what we think is the 'world'. If only the millennial could understand that it's not the world, it's a virtual reality that they're choosing to plug into. When you choose to be a "digital minimalist", you give yourself the power to open your eyes to the wonder of nature, the beauty all around you, and you can dedicate time to the important things and relationships in your life. In this book you will learn how to do this by:
  • Starting with the absolute 80/20 digital things to eliminate and keep.
  • Finding ways to automate repetitive tasks with very little oversight.
  • How to properly do a "Digital Detox" in your life without compromising your "style"
  • How to see opportunities and life right where you are right now, without a device.
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