Keep Them Close: Password Keeper Book to Store Usernames and Passwords Safely by A-Z

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Do you want an easy and safe way to keep track of all your different usernames, logins and passwords?

There is no need to forget your login details and passwords again! Simply write them down in this book to keep them safe and have them in easy reach when you need them.


  • Room at the front of the book for your favorite websites
  • An A-Z listing with space for 16 websites for each letter
  • If you need extra space for any letter, you'll find spare pages at the back.
  • A pretty, discreet cover (soft card with matte finish) make this password book a pleasure to use
  • At only 5x8 inches it is small enough to tuck into a purse or laptop case, or keep in your desk drawer for when you need it.

Keeping track of all your details can be a real chore and a worry - but no longer. Choose one of these little books and you can cross one big problem off your list and master your passwords for once and for all!

Independently Published