The Book of Ic: A Guide for Adventurers

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3An extensive practical guide to connecting real-world devices to microcontrollers with the popular I2C bus.

If you work with embedded systems, you're bound to encounter the ubiquitous Inter-Integrated Circuit bus (IIC or I2C) - a serial protocol for connecting integrated circuits in a computer system. In The Book of I2C, the first comprehensive guide to this bus, bestselling author Randall Hyde draws on 40 years of industry experience to get you started designing and programming I2C systems.

Aided by over 100 detailed figures and annotated source-code listings, you'll learn the I2C implementations of systems like Arduino, Teensy, and Raspberry Pi, as well as variants of the I2C and common I2C peripheral ICs complete with programming examples. For hardware hackers, electronics hobbyists, and software engineers of every skill level, the extensive coverage in this book will make it a go-to reference when it comes to connecting real-world devices to I2C microcontrollers.

No Starch Press