Password Organizer And Hide This Book: 6" x 9" Butterfly Floral Design, See It Bigger Alphabet Password Organizer Book, Large Print With Tabbed Pages,

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3Large Password Organizer Book For Store all your websites, usernames and passwords, as well as a wealth of other computer-related information in one handy place with the Internet Password Organizer!
Measuring at 6" x 9" (15 x 22.5 cm) always aesthetic password organizer is the perfect book to keep track of all your login information, date, username, passwords, phone number, security questions, and email used!
This book comes with 120 pages of high quality, easy to read with font size 16 or larger throughout the decorative paper that is also alphabetized to help you stay organized.
A must-have for anyone using social media, websites, or different online platforms that always forgets their passwords.
6 in by 9 in
Over 220 Record User And Password
Paperback Edition
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform