Discreet Password Book: Never Forget A Password Again! 6" x 9" Lovely Kitten On Green Background Design, Password Book With Tabbed Large Alpha

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5Discreet Password Book for kids, girls, boys, and everyone

Discreet cover helps protect your privacy and doesn't mention the book's purpose.

The Discreet Password Book is the perfect book to keep track of all your favorite website, login information, username, passwords, and email used with security questions in one handy place with Lovely Kitten On Green Background Design

A must-have for anyone using social media, websites, or different online platforms that always forgets their passwords.

- 135 pages of high quality with a-z tabs, easy to read throughout the decorative paper that is also alphabetized to help you stay organized.
- 6" x 9" (15 x 22.50 cm) with large print you will be able to fill it out easily.
- Bright white paper, and a sturdy glossy paperback cover
- Over 400 Record User And Password
- Alphabetical
- Paperback Edition
- This book is proudly Made in the USA

There are also other Discreet Password Book with different covers -- please search for "Ellie And Scott" to see them all

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