Linux: Installation, Configuration and Command Line Basics

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9★ Learn How to Set Up and Configure Linux from Scratch ★This book has been created to guide you through your very first steps in the Linux environment, whether you are a complete novice or need an in-depth refresher in Linux.

Linux has become one of the most popular open source programs in the world, with capabilities that rival the best paid operating systems on the market. Due to its high flexibility and stability, it is used for text processing, graphic design, desktop publishing, calculations, communication, and even interfaces for appliances. From movie making and engineering, to military and astronautics, Linux is used everywhere.

This book takes a detailed look at the Linux diversity and history, installing and configuring a Linux system, as well as the infamous command line. It also addresses specific topics such as choosing a distribution, adding a graphical user interface, package management, navigating the filesystem and directories, partitioning, software selection, and using the help system.

By the end of this book you will be able to set up and configure Linux from start to finish, and be able to use Linux at a proficient level.

What This Book OffersMade for Beginners
This book was written with the intention of being used by those who have very little to no experience in the Linux environment. Because of this every concept, command and step is discussed in meticulous detail to ensure you are able to thoroughly understand and implement it on your own.

Complete Installation Guide
We take you step by step through setting up a Linux system from scratch, including screenshots for every step. This comprehensive installation guide also covers adding a Graphical User Interface, installing additional software, and choosing a terminal-based or graphical file manager.

Simplifying the Command Line
Terminals, shells and the command line are terms that make most newcomers to Linux run for the hills. We explain these concepts in detail, and then go even further by covering numerous essential terminal commands to help you deal with files and directories, text processing, users and groups, process management, networks, and the help system.

Key Topics

  1. What is Linux?
    • From UNIX to Linux
    • A Brief History of Linux
    • Linux Range of Use
    • Linux Certifications
  2. Software Licenses
  3. Linux in Day-to-Day Life
    • What is a Linux Distribution?
    • Which Linux Distributions Exist?
  4. Setting up a Linux System
    • Types of Installations
    • Installing Linux Step-by-Step
    • Adding a Graphical User Interface
    • Adding Additional Software
    • Exiting Linux
  5. Navigating Linux
    • The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
    • Commands for Directories
    • Terminal-based File Managers
    • Graphical File Managers
  6. Introduction to Linux Terminals
    • What is a Terminal?
    • What is a Shell?
    • Available Shells
  7. Essential Linux Commands
    • Files and Directories
    • Output and Text Processing
    • Users and Groups
    • Process Management
    • Network and System Information
  8. Getting Help
    • Man Pages
    • Info Pages
    • Integrated Help
    • External Help
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