Social Media Marketing for the Future: Strategies for 2020 & Beyond: Stay Ahead of the Competition. Leverage Changing Online Trends to Grow Your Busin

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Social media marketing is not an option anymore. Your customers-no matter who they are-expect you to reach them the way they communicate. The vast majority of companies have inadequate social media marketing strategies. Most companies are playing catch-up with current digital marketing trends and their strategies will be outdated by the time the company has mastered them.
To successfully market on social media, you need to be prepared for the future. Social media changes rapidly and frequently.
This book will teach you:
  • The most important social media trends to expect for the next years and beyond
  • How to apply perennial marketing principles to new mediums and technologies
  • How to understand and reach new customer profiles and the new generation of social media: Gen Z
  • New government regulation and privacy trends that will affect your marketing efforts
  • This book discusses:
  • The future of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more, and how to harness their power to build your brand and gain customers
  • New social networks that are on the rise and may become major contenders
  • Technological trends that are redefining the rhythm of social media
  • How to utilize new technology and tools to strengthen your brand and achieve a competitive edge.

  • If your marketing plan is focused only on today's trends, you've already lost. Plan for tomorrow. Beat out the competition. Reach your customers where they are.
    The future is here. Are you ready?
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