Internet Security: A Hands-on Approach

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Teaching Internet security principles via hands-on activities

Unique among computer security texts, this book, in its third edition, builds

on the author's long tradition of teaching complex subjects through a hands-on

approach. For each security principle, the book uses a series of hands-on

activities to help explain the principle. Readers can "touch", play with, and

experiment with the principle, instead of just reading about it. The hands-on

activities are based on the author's widely adopted SEED Labs, which have been

used by over 1000 institutes worldwide. The author has also published online

courses on Udemy based on this book.

Topics covered in the book

- Attacks on TCP/IP and DNS protocols

- Packet sniffing and spoofing

- Firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN)

- Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and attacks

- Attacks on web applications, countermeasures

- Cryptography and attacks on algorithms and protocols

- Public Key Infrastructure and Transport Layer Security

- Bitcoin and Blockchain

- Common hacking and defense mechanisms

Wenliang Du