Cyber Weapons of Mass Psychological Destruction: And the People Who Use Them

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This book shows unequivocally that cyber weapons create deep psychological harm to society. So long lasting and intense can these effects be that they can create paranoia and cognitive confusion. Cyber weapons include simple ransomware to sophisticated bots, which can be used to bring down a nation's infrastructure, power lines, banking, and even nuclear facilities. The use of cyber weapons to sow seeds of discord in society, change human behavior, and exploit individual beliefs by creating disinformation campaigns has become the new landscape of ware and weapons of choice used by terrorist organizations. This book explores how this is happening in our society today, and why these tools are virulent and effective in their use. The book deals with cyber weapons in the context of psychological impacts, effects, and explores the world of technology using a reference frame of WMPD - weapons of mass psychological destruction - to show the power of cyber weapons to create "hyper reality" in society and build forces of societal disruption which far exceed the harm caused by traditional weapons.

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