Engineering Software As a Service: An Agile Approach Using Cloud Computing

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8NOTE: This is the Beta of the 2nd Edition. Some content may change orbe added until May 2021. See http: // for details.Purchasers of Kindle version (available February 2021) will get free updates for life. Aone-semester college course in software engineering focusing on cloudcomputing, software as a service (SaaS), and Agile development usingExtreme Programming (XP) and the Rails and jQuery frameworks.Endorsed by leading companies including Google, leading scholarsincluding Turing Award winners, and students from all over the worldwho have taken the edX course series "Agile Development" fromBerkeleyX, to which this book is an ideal companion. Hands-onexercises are freely downloadable from GitHub. A complete version ofthe course including autograding for the exercises is available in theCodio web-based IDE. See http: // for details, table ofcontents, and extensive free resources for both classroom and remoteinstructors.
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