The Online World, What You Think You Know and What You Don't: 4 Critical Tools for Raising Kids in the Digital Age

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Every Child Who Has Access to a Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, or Video Games is at Risk!

But NOW You Can Help Keep Them Safe.

Would you ever consider putting your child on a plane and sending them to a foreign country alone? Of course, you wouldn't. And while that seems like an extreme example...guess what, mom and dad-that's exactly what you do when you hand your child a device without preparation. There are hundreds of millions of users on any given platform on any given day. Suffice it to say, when you give your child access to the online world, you give the world access to your child.

"The most dangerous neighborhood for your child to be in is in your own house, online."

--Eleanor Gaetan, Director of Public Policy at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Aside from the half-million predators targeting millions upon millions of kids each day, drug dealers, pornography, sextortion, cyberbullying, gaming addiction are all threats to our children. While most experts agree that you should just keep your kids off the internet, in today's world, that's almost impossible.Technology will find it's way into your child's life and so parents, we must prepare our children for this world so we can keep them healthy and safe.

Finally--A Solution Parents Love That Kids Can Live With!

This is the first book with a plan designed to keep kids safe anywhere they go online! In "The Online World: What You Think You Know and What You Don't" Rania Mankarious, Public Safety Expert and CEO of Crime Stoppers Houston, pulls back the curtain to the online world and helps parents take all the intangible gray space that can seem so overwhelming, and turn it into defined territories with boundaries to protect our tweens and teens.

In this book, Rania shares her 4-Tool Strategy that will guide you and your child through real discussions about how to safely navigate the online world.

Tool #1 Will: Define with clarity your child's purpose for being online and how they will portray themselves to the online community.

Tool #2 Will: Pull back the curtain on who really is in your child's online community, and how to recognize the three red flags everyone should be aware of.

Tool #3 Will: Make your child aware of the many internal and external dangers of the online world, and develop an exit strategy so they are prepared when a threat comes their way.

Tool #4 Will: Teach your child what it means to post safely-and give them a framework they will be excited to follow!

What Rania has discovered is that if we focus on these four areas, and empower our kids with knowledge and strategy, we can address ALL the possible areas of online concern for parents. Best of all, these solutions will stand over time, regardless of how the landscape of the online world changes. Order your copy today and protect the kids you love!

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