How to Use Microsoft Teams Effectively: A Comprehensive How-to Guide for End Users

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Microsoft Teams has been around for quite some time, and, all around the world, many organizations have adopted it as their unified communications and collaboration system.

If you are looking for a book that cuts to the chase and shows you, steps-by-step, how to get things done, then, How to Use Microsoft Teams Effectively is for you. Chat, calls, meetings, live events, teams, channels and apps will no longer hold any secret. What's more, hundreds of screen captures and a plethora of tips and best practices will help you leverage Microsoft Teams, in your day-to-day work environment, and provide you with the knowledge you need, in order to communicate and collaborate effectively.

You can either read the book from cover-to-cover, to form a complete picture of Microsoft Teams and its capabilities, or consult the Table of Contents, designed to quickly point you in the direction of answers to questions you may have with regard to Microsoft Teams features.

You will learn how to:

  • Use chat, make calls and schedule meetings and live events;
  • Create teams and channels, as well as tabs;
  • Integrate Teams with SharePoint, and with other apps;
  • Download, upload and share content;
  • Sync files to your local computer;
  • Share your screen and present content;
  • Search effectively for content inside Teams;
  • Customize Teams to suit your preferences and needs;
  • Manage Teams notifications;
  • Understand accessibility tools in Teams; and much, much more!