Data Means Business: Level up your organisation to adapt, evolve and scale in an ever-changing world

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Using data to guide decision making builds stronger, more adaptable organisations that can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Embedding a pragmatic, data-guided culture in any organisation can be a challenge. This comprehensive guide for leaders sets out a proven framework for developing the mindset and strategies required to generate value from data and to scale quickly. Jargon-free and packed with practical advice, Data Means Business can help you activate your data to generate growth.

Read this book to discover how to:

- Create the change momentum and narrative needed to succeed

- Educate and inspire your organisation on the transformative power of data

- Leverage start-up strategies to deliver business growth

- Define an adaptable data strategy focused on business outcomes

- Build cross-functional teams to develop value-generating data products

- Deliver successful data management practices

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