A Compendium of Atari ST Games - Volume One

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The story of the Atari ST is without doubt one of the most complex and indeed most interesting of any computer. Born out of the split of Atari's arcade division and consumer division in 1984, the ST was the first new product to come from Jack Tramiel's life saving takeover of the latter. Having previously been the head honcho of rival organisation Commodore he needed a machine that would not just take them on head to head but also take their leading market share from them completely. In less than a year Jack and his small team of designers and engineers managed to blueprint and manufacture a 16-bit computer for the masses not the classes. In doing so they managed to beat Commodore and their own Amiga computer to the market and truly kick-start the 16-bit revolution.

In this book we take you through the life of the Atari ST computer range looking at a varied cross section of the 7000+ games available with a review and screenshot of each one. From classics released through the late eighties to modern homebrew titles, there are games of all genres and styles. With ten entries for each letter of the alphabet, this is not supposed to be a list of the best or the worst games; neither is it a complete guide to all that's available. It is simply a meandering journey through the decades of home computing history, designed to interest both the dedicated fan and the casual reader alike.

A Compendium of Atari ST Games is a celebration of the historic home micro filled with nostalgic memories, new opinions, interesting stories, developer interviews and so much more besides.

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