Aws Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide: The ultimate cheat sheet practice exam questions with answers and detailed explanations for the latest C

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9The future of computing technology lies in the cloud. This means that if you're not adapting your company to suit the cloud model, your company will be left behind in this world of modern technology. Are you scared about it? Well, you can do something

Cloud computing is when organizations share a network of freely accessible servers. Servers are stored on the Internet, allowing companies to handle data "in the cloud" instead of on a local server. It is a virtual space in which devices on the network can access data from anywhere.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Introduction to Famous Amazon Web Services is a robust cloud platform developed by Amazon's e-commerce giant. It offers software-as - a-Service (SaaS), platform-as - a-Service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as - a-Service (IaaS) services. Think about the history of the electricity supply to grasp the logic of AWS.

Initially, factories will build their plants to fuel their facilities. Over time, governments and private investors have developed large power plants that supply electricity to numerous towns, factories, and homes. Under this new model, the factories will pay even less per unit of power due to the economies of scale enjoyed by the massive power plants. AWS was designed and built based on similar logic.

This book covers the following topics:

- Cloud Concepts;

- Security;

- Technology;

- Billing and pricing;

- AWS Services.

And Much More

By 2006, Amazon had established itself as the world's largest online retailer, a role it still holds. Seamlessly running such a vast operation required a large and sophisticated infrastructure. It imbued Amazon with deep expertise in the management of large-scale network and server networks.

As a result, AWS was launched in 2006 as Amazon tried to make accessible to companies and individuals the technology infrastructure it had developed and the expertise it had gained. AWS was one of the first pay-as-you-go (PAYG) computing models that could scale performance, storage, and computing based on the evolving needs of the user.

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