Machine Learning: Hacking Tools for Computer + Hacking With Kali Linux + Python Programming- The ultimate beginners guide to improve you

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Have you always wanted to understand how Python works?
Have you always desired to be a PC genius like those films where people seem to fly over the keyboards?
Have you always wanted to be a Hacker to protect yourself first from enemies attacks?

If the answer to these questions in YES, then keep reading...
Here's the deal:

Hacking is the best way to learn how not to build things. Programmers master programming languages but often leave traces of code that hackers can master to create backdoors. This book explains hacking in an interesting way that will help you master it easily. Hackers often use Linux and Kali for their operations. This book explains everything with command line code in layman terms. Often people get misinformation about hacking from websites and blogs.

This book has provided a lot of bash and python examples that will make you start with the hacking scripting. In the next chapters, we have discussed about Network management, process management and several other parts of Linux architecture in detail. In the subsequent chapter, a whole section is dedicated about VPN and Tor network.

The aim of this ultimate guide is to keep each section's thoughts and provide step-by-step guidance to make the learning experience smooth and gradual.It will also address how any future frustration can be reduced. Each code unit is tested, executed and re-read closely. In addition, the INTERACTIVE exercises are optimized for the highest level of commitment, meaning you're not going to get bored to death

Here is what you will find in this book:

A History of Python and the basic concepts of Python ProgrammingHow to work with various data types including strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, booleans, and many more.Hacking process along with clear instructions. This is more like a starting tip for the beginner hackersInstallation of virtual machine VM ware and Installation of kali Linux in detailAutomatic vulnerability assessment using NessusGetting introduced to Netcat utility with a lot of examplesNotes on using password cracking toolsIntroduction to John the RipperIntroduction to Snort toolAnd so much more

Even if you never approached to these discipline, you will be able to master all these skills just simply following the instructions and command lines inside this book
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