Online Teaching with Classroom and Zoom: 3 Books in One. An Easy and Practical Guide for The Perfect Post Covid Teacher Tips and Tricks to Boost Stude

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Are you a teacher that has been forced to work from home? Are you looking for new ways to teach? Do you want to discover how to use the new method of distance learning so that you can be more prepared?

If you answered "yes," then keep reading!

Lately, teachers have been pressured to question their teaching methods and to adapt to new Covid scenarios.

Students aren't allowed to attend lessons at the intended place or even face-to-face; schools cannot be opened for the sake of the students and teachers.

What's the solution? Online teaching!

There are actually various ways of handling this situation. The most efficient solution to continue to teach is to use Google Classroom and Zoom Meeting.

Google Classroom has been used for a long time by professors from all around the globe. It has always been an option to get their students to meet their requirements or even to take their online quizzes or tests. Teachers that discovered how to use Google Classroom in a more productive way have improved on their teaching methods from numerous points of view. In fact, Google Classroom is a good resource and an improvement for students and professors.

With Zoom guide u'll learn how to get started with video conferencing, webinars, and live streaming.

This book talks about:

  1. - Basic instructions to use Google Classroom
  2. - Reasons why you should use Google Classroom
  3. - Advantages to using the app
  4. - How to assign and complete homework, tests and announcements and how to consent students to communicate between them
  5. - How to enhance your students' attention span by using technology
  6. Extension apps
  7. - How to grade the students and put their score on Google Sheets
  8. Tips, tricks, and techniques for teachers
  9. How to Install and Setup Conferencing Tool;
  10. Zoom Cloud Meetings;
  11. Recording Zoom Meetings;

And much more!

This book is a guide for beginners and teachers who fight to continue to keep doing what they do. Its objective is to help whoever is looking for a quick guide on how to give and receive online lessons on Google Classroom.

But it's an advanced guide too you'll learn the tricks to speed your activities, boost education, and motivate students in distance learning. For you who are already a little familiar with Google Classroom, the tips you will find in the chapters will make you perfect the use of all the functions, letting you discover small tricks that you certainly did not know, and explaining them step by step.

This book, which contains instructions and quite a bit of advice, will surely help you to share your lessons program.

This guidebook spent some time looking at the different aspects of Google Classroom, both from the teacher and the student's perspective.

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