Python for Beginners: A Programming Crash Course To Learn The Principles Behind Python and How To Set Up Your Computer For Coding. A Machine

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Programming has come a long way. The world of programming may have started quite some time ago; it was only a couple of decades ago that it gained attention from computer experts from across the globe. This sudden shift saw some great minds who contributed to the entire age of programming far greater than most. We saw the great GNU project take shape during this era. We came across the rather brilliant Linux. New programming languages were born as well, and people certainly enjoyed these to the utmost.

While most of these programming languages worked, there was something that was missing. Surely, something could be done to make coding a less tedious task to do and carry out. That is exactly what a revolutionary new language, named after Monty Python's Flying Circus, did for the world. Immediately, coding became so much easier for programmers. The use of this language started gaining momentum, and today, it is set to overtake the only language that stands before it to claim the prestigious spot of being the world's most favored language.

This language was the brainchild of Guido Van Rossum. Created in the year 1991, Python has become a byword for efficient and user-friendly programming. This language is what connected the dots and gave programmers the much-needed ease of coding that they have since been yearning for. Naturally, the language was received well by the programming community. Today, it is one of the most important languages for both professionals and students who aim to excel in fields like Machine Learning, automation, artificial intelligence, and so much more.

This book covers:

- Python - The First Impressions

- Getting ready for Python

- The world of Variables and Operators

- Making Your Program Interactive

- List, Tuples and dictionaries

- Functions and Modules

- Working with Files

- Object Oriented Programming

And much more.

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