Drupal 10 Development Cookbook - Third Edition: Practical recipes to harness the power of Drupal for building digital experiences and dynamic websites

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Build your expertise in developing dynamic web experiences by leveraging all-new capabilities of Drupal 10

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Key Features:

  • Design your digital experience platform with robust content management and editorial workflows
  • Write custom modules to extend Drupal to meet your requirements by creating customized plugins, entity types, and pages
  • Enhance your Drupal site using modern frontend development build tools

Book Description:

This new and improved third edition cookbook is packed with the latest Drupal 10 features such as a new, flexible default frontend theme - Olivero, and improved administrative experience with a new theme - Claro. This comprehensive recipe book provides updated content on the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing experience, improved core code performance, and code cleanup.

Drupal 10 Development Cookbook begins by helping you create and manage a Drupal site. Next, you'll get acquainted with configuring the content structure and editing content. You'll also get to grips with all new updates of this edition, such as creating custom pages, accessing and working with entities, running and writing tests with Drupal, migrating external data into Drupal, and turning Drupal into an API platform. As you advance, you'll learn how to customize Drupal's features with out-of-the-box modules, contribute extensions, and write custom code to extend Drupal.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to create and manage Drupal sites, customize them to your requirements, and build custom code to deliver your projects.

What You Will Learn:

  • Create and manage a Drupal site's codebase
  • Design tailored content creator experiences
  • Leverage Drupal by creating customized pages and plugins
  • Turn Drupal into an API platform for exposing content to consumers
  • Import data into Drupal using the data migration APIs
  • Advance your Drupal site with modern frontend tools using Laravel Mix

Who this book is for:

If you are a beginner or an intermediate Drupal developer, looking to jumpstart your journey in application building, then this book is for you. Basic knowledge of web development is required.

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