Agile Model-Based Systems Engineering Cookbook: Improve system development by applying proven recipes for effective agile systems engineering

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Discover recipes for addressing the growing complexity of modern systems by applying agile methodologies and techniques in model-based systems engineering (MBSE)

Key Features:

  • Learn how Agile and MBSE can work iteratively and collaborate to overcome system complexity
  • Develop essential systems engineering products and achieve crucial enterprise objectives with actionable recipes
  • Implement best practices for building efficient system engineering models

Book Description:

Model-based systems engineering provides an integrated approach to creating verifiable models of engineering data, rather than relying on traditional and vague natural language descriptions that are difficult to verify. This enables you to work on accurate specifications and rapidly design reliable and effective products for the marketplace. Agile MBSE integrates the value proposition of agile methods in systems development, most notably, for managing constant change and uncertainty while continuously ensuring system correctness and meeting customers' needs.

Written by Dr. Bruce Powel Douglass, a world-renowned expert in MBSE, this book will take you through important systems engineering workflows and show you how they can be performed effectively with an agile and model-based approach. You'll start by covering the key concepts of agile methods for systems engineering. The book then takes you through initiating a project, defining stakeholder needs, defining and analyzing system requirements, designing system architecture, performing model-based engineering trade studies, and handing systems specifications off to downstream engineering.

By the end of this MBSE book, you'll have learned how to implement critical systems engineering workflows and create verifiably correct systems engineering models.

What You Will Learn:

  • Apply agile methods to develop systems engineering specifications
  • Perform functional analysis with SysML
  • Derive and model systems architectures from key requirements
  • Model crucial engineering data to clarify systems requirements
  • Communicate decisions with downstream subsystem implementation teams
  • Verify specifications with model reviews and simulations
  • Ensure the accuracy of systems models through model-based testing

Who this book is for:

If you are a systems engineer who wants to pursue model-based systems engineering in an agile setting, this book will show you how you can do that without breaking a sweat. Fundamental knowledge of SysML is necessary; the book will teach you the rest.

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