Coding for Beginners in Easy Steps

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Coding for
Beginners in easy steps, 2nd edition
will appeal to
anyone, of any age, who wants to begin coding computer programs. Use this guide
to help you quickly create a programming environment on your computer, then, in
easy steps, learn how to:

  • Write Python code to create
    your programs
  • Store information in data
  • Control program flow using
    control structures
  • Create re-usable blocks of
    program code
  • Code powerful algorithms and
    classes for Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • All features are illustrated
    using the Python language color-coding convention, and all code is available to
    download free - making it even easier!

    Includes comparison examples in
    C, C++ and Java to give you a rounded view of computer coding.

    Ideal for
    newcomers to programming, including youngsters needing to learn coding for the
    school curriculum - all in easy steps!

    In Easy Steps