Learn Excel 365 Expert Skills with The Smart Method: Fifth Edition: updated for the Jan 2021 Semi-Annual version

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Excel 365 has taken Excel into a new era. Excel 365 is now massively more powerful than the older Excel 2019 version and supports dynamic arrays - a game-changing feature that changes best practice for many common data analysis tasks. Dynamic arrays are comprehensively covered in a comprehensive 54 page session.

This book also covers Excel 365's new XLOOKUP function (the modern replacement for Excel 2019's old VLOOKUP function). You'll also find lessons that comprehensively cover the XMATCH, UNIQUE, FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, SEQUENCE and RANDARRAY dynamic array functions (none of which exist in Excel 2019). You'll also learn about spilled ranges, linked data types, fuzzy logic and a host of other Excel 365-only features.

Here are some of the reasons that you should choose this book:

  • It provides a thorough (and easy to understand) coverage of Power Pivot, Power Query, and DAX. Excel 365 now includes Power Pivot. Unlike most other books, this book will teach you the relational database and data modeling skills needed to create optimal Power Pivot Star Schema data models incorporating DAX measures. You'll conform to 24 best-practice Power Pivot rules, ensuring excellence in your future real-world data model designs.
  • It covers the latest Excel 365 semi-annual version of Excel (Jan 2021). This is the only book that has a new edition published twice a year (to match each new Excel 365 version). This means that the screen grabs will exactly match what you see on your screen and that any new features are covered. It can be very frustrating to attempt to learn Excel 365 using an out-of-date book (and impossible to learn to use Excel 365 effectively using an Excel 2019 book).
  • It won't waste your time by teaching basic Excel 365 skills that you already know. This isn't a beginner's book. If you are an absolute beginner, you need our Excel 365 Essential Skills book. By assuming that you are already able to use Excel's basic features, far more ground can be covered.
  • It teaches to true Expert level. This Expert Skills book teaches Excel to an extremely high level of competence that is very rarely found in the workplace (even amongst top professionals). At Expert level your skills will be greater and broader than almost all other Excel users and you will understand (and be able to effectively use) absolutely every Excel and Power Pivot feature. You'll have a complete mastery of skills that are often even a mystery to Excel power users.

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