Exploring Computer Hardware: The Illustrated Guide to Understanding Computer Hardware, Components, Peripherals & Networks

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Bits, bytes, logic, RAM, CPUs, hard drives and SSD drives. Master the geeky acronyms and simplify computer hardware & terminology with ease. This book is great for beginners or a basic computing class.

Exploring Computer Hardware looks at:

  • The microcomputer, mainframes and super computers
  • Hardware components
  • CPU architecture, instructions sets, and the fetch execute cycle
  • Computer ports and plugs
  • Network topologies, LANs, WANs, MANs, fibre optics and ethernet
  • WiFi and Cellular networks
  • The internet: email, the cloud, the world-wide web
  • IP Addressing, web servers, DNS servers and DHCP servers
  • TCP/IP model, OSI model, ports, sockets
  • Logic gates, binary arithmetic, two's complement, floating point, hexadecimal, and base conversions
  • Data Storage: bits, bytes, kilo bytes, kibi bytes, megabytes...
  • Data compression, encryption, sort, and search algorithms, and more

Techniques are illustrated step-by-step using photography, illustrations, video demos, and screen prints throughout, together with concise, easy to follow text from an established expert in the field, provide a comprehensive guide to computer hardware.

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