Python Programming: A Comprehensive Smart Approach for Total Beginners to Learn Python Language Using Best Practices and Advanced Features

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1Are you interested in learning programming and don't know which language to learn? Or maybe you have heard of Python as a programming language and you hesitated in learning this particular language? Are you a total beginner with absolutely no background or any skill in programming? Do you want to learn and master some programming skills?

This book is designed specifically for total beginners not only in Python but also beginners with programming skills at all. This book does not require any pre-skills set. On the contrary, this book provides the basic tools to start programming with Python. If you are a new programmer or already know some programming languages, you are probably wondering why to learn Python while there several other languages. First of all, Python has a lot of attractive features which include readability, simple syntax, rapid execution. In addition to more advanced features, Python is the widely used language for a wide range of applications. If you want to learn quickly how to develop an application with an easy yet sophisticated and efficient language, Python is the right choice.

By reading this book, you will learn more about the features and applications of Python. You will develop and acquire the basics and fundamental skills to start developing your own applications in Python.

Overall, once you finish reading this book, you will learn:

  • How to run your Python scripts
  • What is the different types of variables in Python
  • How to handle and process the built-in data object in Python which are numbers, strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples
  • What is the basic and rules of Python syntax
  • How to use operators, if tests, loops with breaks, and continue in order to process data
  • How to detect and raise exceptions in your scripts
  • How to develop functions, modules
  • How to import and make use of modules in any program
  • How to debug your programs with Python debugger
  • How to handle (i.e. write and read) files in Python

These are the major topics and skills you will develop by reading this book. Each topic is covered in a separate chapter with code examples that allows practicing for optimal learning. Overall, this book was designed to help beginners to acquire skills in programming with Python with real explained examples. Hence, you will not only learn Python, but you will also get a chance to run code examples. These examples are explained and provided you with an illustration of possible ways to code and the outcome.

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