Coding for Kids Ages 10 and Up: Coding for Kids and Beginners using html, css and JavaScript

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5Are you looking to start coding or teach kids how to code? Or are you looking to make coding more fun with some games?

This book on beginner html and JavaScript is the answer.

The last decade has been the year of the programmer. It seems like everyone wants to learn how to code. It seems like the best way to get a job. It seems fun. However, it is not that easy. Coding is a skill; and like any skill it takes time to learn. Like any skill, the younger you start; the better you get. The more you practice, the better you get.

From my personal experience with coding and also with teaching young kids how to code, let me tell you that coding is very gratifying. It is possible for anyone to learn if they apply themselves over time.

Creative thinking, teamwork, communication, logical thought and mental growth are the main benefits of learning to code.

However, programming can be hard to learn. Especially if you start reading advanced books. You need a step-by-step guide to get started. This book starts off with the very basics; how to install the software, set up and write your first lines of code. There are exercises at the end of each chapter that can test your new found knowledge and move you ahead.

My experience has also thought me that once someone learns the basics, they need a fun way to progress to the next level. For that reason, I have included several coding games in this book; including some fun animations at the end. These games are a great way to move forward after leaning the basics.

Even if you've never touched a computer in your life, you will find this book useful.........

Bob Mather