Powershell: The ultimate beginner's guide to Powershell, making you a master at Windows Powershell command line fast!

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This book covers the topic of Windows PowerShell and will teach you all about how to use it and all of its possibilities.

Essentially, the PowerShell is a command line interface that operates within the Windows system, with the purpose of task automation and configuration management. It is a fairly intuitive system, and as you will soon realize, it doesn't take too long to get the hang of

Inside, you will learn how the PowerShell operates, how the associated scripting language works, the different commands you will need to know, and what kind of things are possible when using the PowerShell.

Even if you're totally new to programming and have never used a scripting environment, at the completion of this book you should have a solid understanding of Windows PowerShell, and be ready to get started

Here Is What You'll Learn About Inside...

  • What Is Powershell
  • Powershell Language
  • Working With Commands
  • Pipelines & Outputs
  • Quotes & Strings
  • Scalers
  • The Drives & Providers
  • The Operations Of Powershell
  • Much, Much More
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