Futureproof: Amplifying Agility with AI and Insightful Business Analysis

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ess analysis, but how well? Are you ready to bring your business analysis practices into the AI era?

While C-suite leaders hail business analysis as a cornerstone capability in their organizations, many professionals, practices, and processes are ill-prepared for the demands of tomorrow. Influencing virtually every project and product team, business analysis is on the cusp of a radical transformation that will shake up how tasks are executed and how skills and competencies are employed.

Enter Futureproof: Amplifying Agility with AI and Insightful Business Analysis-a comprehensive exploration of how organizations can harness business analysis as a pivotal competitive advantage, particularly in an "AI first" era. This book digs deep into the changing role of business analysis, illuminating the ongoing revolution within organizations and the imperative fusion of technology and business strategy. Exploring past challenges while gazing into the future, it looks at how individuals in the business analysis profession, as knowledge workers, can create a strong and thriving analysis function fit for new ways of doing business.

Discover how agility and business analysis come together to help organizations deliver greater value with AI.

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