Murach's ASP.NET Core MVC

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If you know the basics of C#, you're ready to learn how to create web applications using Microsoft's powerful technology, ASP.NET Core MVC (Model-View-Controller). And there's no more practical way to do it than with this book.

By the end of section 1...just 5'll be developing real-world web apps that follow the MVC pattern, using C# code for the model and controller classes...HTML, CSS, and Razor code for the user interface (the view)...and Bootstrap classes for responsive design so that your apps adapt well to all screen sizes. You'll also be able use the debugging tools in Visual Studio and your browser to test your apps thoroughly.

In section 2, you'll build out that set of skills to create more complex controllers, work with Razor views, handle cookies and sessions, do model binding, validate data, and handle database data with EF (Entity Framework) Core. You'll also see how all these skills come together in a single application, with coverage of the "gotchas" that can occur and how to solve them.

Finally, in section 3, you can pick up additional skills as you need them: use dependency injection to make your code easier to test; automate testing; create custom tag helpers and view components to reduce code duplication; control user access to a site with ASP.NET Core Identity; and use Visual Studio Code, an increasingly popular alternative to the Visual Studio IDE.

All along the way, you'll get complete web apps that show you how each feature works in context (you can download these apps for free from the Murach website). You'll get chapter exercises that let you practice your new skills. And you'll get Murach's distinctive "paired-pages" format that presents each skill in a 2-page spread, full of examples, notes, and explanation...a format that developers praise because it saves training and reference time.

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